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Adobe Illustrator is the industry standard for creating vector graphics, and with it you can create logos,
charts, icons, and, of course, full blown illustrations. But, you don’t need to be an artist to use it effectively.
And there’s a brand new version for 2019. I’ll be showing you around what’s new and improved in this release,
including the interface improvements, new ways of working with gradients and the time saving smart edit, among other
Freeform gradients:-
With Freeform Gradients, all you need to do is drop “points” of color on your object. These points of color then blend
together to form rich, complex color blends which were not possible before. What’s more, the user interface is simple and
easy to use.
Global Edits:-
If you have similar objects (like logos or icons) throughout your project, you can now easily change colors, edit shapes,
and rotate your objects in a few simple steps. Global Editing lets you select, find, and edit similar objects across
Custom toolbar:-
With this update, we organized all the tools into groups so you can understand at a glance what all the tools are and what
they do. If you have certain tool sets that you use most often, now you can drag and drop to create your custom tool menu
. Your Illustrator workspace can now be tailored to your working style.
Adobe Fonts Integration:-
With this release, you can look forward to a vastly improved experience of exploring and finding the right font within
Illustrator. With direct integration with Adobe Fonts, you can now access the 14,000+ fonts that come with your Creative
Cloud membership directly within Illustrator CC 2019.

Even more enhancements
In addition to new features, Illustrator CC continues to improve on the experience you know and love. You can always visit our release notes for a detailed breakdown of the additions with this release. Here are just a few of the exciting enhancements we’ve made:

Scalable interface
Illustrator now identifies screen resolution and adjusts the display accordingly. This means there is an optimal default scaling of the interface based on the display resolution. Better yet, we’ve added the ability to set the scale of your design workspace.

True-size view
Illustrator CC will now automatically adapt zoom value with resolution of the display to render artwork in actual size at 100 percent zoom. So a business card rendered as 100 percent on any screen will have the same dimensions as it would in print.

External GPU support
Illustrator can use external graphic processing units (GPU) on Macintosh computers with Thunderbolt 3 running macOS 10.13.14 and above.

Trim view
This new preview method displays artwork as if it were to be printed, suppressing all non-printing objects on the artboard, like grids, guides, etc. All artwork falling outside of the artboard is hidden in this view. This new method gives you a good way to preview your final designs.

Presentation mode
You can now use an Illustrator file to directly present your work. In this new mode, each artboard becomes a slide. The application menu, panels, guides, and frame edges are hidden so your audience can focus on your designs and not be distracted by the application.

Performance enhancements
This latest release consists of a number of under-the-hood improvements, including more than 30 fixes that have been made based on user feedback from the Illustrator User Voice page.


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